Helen Sophia Reining

F, b. 20 January 1903, d. before 2003
     Helen Sophia Reining was born on Tuesday, 20 January 1903 to John Gerhard Bernard Reining and Mary Kassmeyer.
Helen Sophia Reining married Gerhard Francis Bauer on Tuesday, 30 January 1923 at Adrian, Nobles County, Minnesota. Helen died before 2003.

Teresa Hilda Reining

F, b. 13 October 1904, d. 19 July 1987
     Teresa Hilda Reining was born on Thursday, 13 October 1904 to John Gerhard Bernard Reining and Mary Kassmeyer. Teresa died on 19 July 1987 at the age of 82.

Joseph Kohmetscher Sr.

M, b. 29 June 1867, d. 1935
     Joseph Kohmetscher Sr. was born on Saturday, 29 June 1867 Schnellville, Dubois County, Indiana, to Mathias Kohmetscher and Maria Heitman.
Joseph Kohmetscher Sr. married Katherine Heilers on Tuesday, 14 October 1890 at Sacred Heart Parish, Schnellville, Dubois County, Indiana.1 Joseph died in 1935.

Children of Joseph Kohmetscher Sr. and Katherine Heilers


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George Frank Reining

M, b. 25 March 1906, d. 17 November 1983
     George Frank Reining was born on Sunday, 25 March 1906 to John Gerhard Bernard Reining and Mary Kassmeyer.
George Frank Reining married Dorthea Dorei Lutkinhouse on Monday, 26 March 1951 at Mercier, Brown County, Kansas. George died on 17 November 1983 Saint Cloud, Stearns County, Minnesota, at the age of 77.

Elizabeth M. Lawson

F, b. 1892, d. 1984
     Elizabeth M. Lawson was born in 1892 England.1
Elizabeth M. Lawson married John Henry Reining, son of Herman Bernard Reining and Maria Anna Sophia Heitmann, on Tuesday, 9 May 1922. Elizabeth died in 1984.1


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Bruno Henry Reining

M, b. 1 February 1909, d. before 2009
     Bruno Henry Reining was born on Monday, 1 February 1909 to John Gerhard Bernard Reining and Mary Kassmeyer.
Bruno Henry Reining married Ludwina Mary Klinkhammer on Thursday, 29 August 1935 at Adrian, Nobles County, Minnesota. Bruno died before 2009.

Alphonse John Reining

M, b. 29 October 1910, d. before 2010
     Alphonse John Reining was born on Saturday, 29 October 1910 to John Gerhard Bernard Reining and Mary Kassmeyer. Alphonse died before 2010.

Anthony John Krebsbach1

M, b. 12 June 1908, d. 26 June 1986
     Anthony John Krebsbach was born on Friday, 12 June 1908 to John Krebsbach and Maria Anna Gertrude Reining.2 Anthony died on 26 June 1986 North Platte, Lincoln County, Nebraska, at the age of 78.2
Anthony was buried Monday, 30 June 1986, in Fort McPherson National Cemetery, Maxwell, Lincoln County, Nebraska.1


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Julie Ann Nytes

F, b. 22 May 1905, d. before 2005
     Julie Ann Nytes was born on Monday, 22 May 1905 Adrian, Nobles County, Minnesota.
Julie Ann Nytes married Herman Aloysius Reining, son of John Gerhard Bernard Reining and Mary Kassmeyer, on Tuesday, 14 February 1928. Julie died before 2005.