George A. Lott

M, b. between 1899 and 1900, d. before 1999
     George A. Lott was born between 1899 and 1900 Rochester, Kent, England, to George Edward Lott and Rebecca Sabina Hughes. George died before 1999.

Rhoda Lena Hunt1

F, b. circa 1850, d. before 1950
     Rhoda Lena Hunt was born circa 1850.1
Rhoda Lena Hunt married Reuben Jenning Feather, son of John Feather and Mary Harp, after 1900.1 Rhoda died before 1950.1


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Marian Amelia Bryant1

F, b. 20 September 1908, d. 29 March 2013
     Marian Amelia Bryant was born on Sunday, 20 September 1908 Cleveland, Pawnee County, Oklahoma.1
Marian Amelia Bryant married Dennis O. Cubbage, son of Guy Sutherland Cubbage and Marie Shearn, on Wednesday, 6 June 1934 at Cushing, Payne County, Oklahoma.1 Marian died on 29 March 2013 Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, at the age of 104.1
Marian was buried Friday, 5 April 2013, in Cushing, Payne County, Oklahoma.1


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Reverend George Wack


Dr. Elijah E. Norton M.D.1

M, b. circa 1780, d. before 1880
     Dr. Elijah E. Norton M.D. was born circa 1780 to Joseph Norton and Martha Norton.1 Elijah died before 1880.1


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Jabez Norton1

M, b. 16 October 1714, d. before 6 September 1785
     Jabez Norton was born on Tuesday, 16 October 1714 Massachusetts.1 Jabez died before 6 September 1785.1

Child of Jabez Norton


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Warren J. Black1

M, b. circa 1845, d. before 1945
     Warren J. Black was born circa 1845.1
Warren J. Black married Jane Hosier circa 1865.1 Warren died before 1945.1

Child of Warren J. Black and Jane Hosier


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Jane Hosier1

F, b. circa 1845, d. before 1945
     Jane Hosier was born circa 1845.1
Jane Hosier married Warren J. Black circa 1865.1 Jane died before 1945.1

Child of Jane Hosier and Warren J. Black


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